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March 1. 1919


Rain. got posters & maps. ink. pens. pencils

for hut. spent morning. beautiful afternoon.

at canteen. lobster at new place. many officers

interesting conversation. E. T. came to bid us

good-bye. sails tomorrow. Watson & Prior came.

March 2. 1919 Sunday

Cloudy. Miss R. & Mary & I started out for a walk.

took car out in country. passed many quaint cottages

peasants. old men tending sheeps & goats. old women

washing in streams & pools. rubbing clothes on stones

as many as 60 around one pool & many more along

the stream -  fields lovely - sun out & found several flowers

hedges of holly & mistletoe - came to a little old chapel

build in 1615. St Anne. floor stones worn by kneeling.

One small room about 30 shares. helmets. many gaps

& ribbons. hearts (gold) all piled on tiny alter (altar) to

express thanks for safety in war. many crutches

that had been discarded. people being healed there.