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March 2-19 Sunday

Brest & Country. St [Pers.or Pere?] St. Anne


Many tablets on the wall marked "Merci"

Old picture over alter [altar] almost gone with age.

Old women in charge. most impressive

Situated top of high hill overlooking bay in

a garden of old trees all gnarled & knotted.

What one reads about. Visited old church

in St. [Pere?] larger but old & interesting a funeral

was being held. Walked along cliffs following

the water. wonderful view of country & bay

Much warmer. eat good dinner at an old

place on the shore. Met Amer. sailors. saw three

    going in Mt. Vernon. N. Carolina. America

1st had been torpedoed. last week in N. Y. harbor

Came by beautiful winding path along water.

Saw submarines torpedo boats. aviation camp e33tc.

Walked about 10 miles. It was so lovely we forgot

about war, etc. splendid treat. Canteen at night

Edwin T. Mr. P. brought us home.