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March 3 - 19


Rain. 84 of our boys left on Agamenon for home

Ed & two of my helpers. shall miss them

Quite a hole was M left so many fine lads

Saw glad they are on way home.

Met some new boys. had fine talks. lunch with

Miss Williams. back to canteen. sent cable-gram

for E. T. Talked to Harbor Master said 132,000 sent

home in Feb. hope to send 160,000 in March.

Dance in the evening.

March 4 - 1919

Canteen all day. nothing unusual. Pauline & I took

a walk saw high walls. opened gate in beautiful

old garden (right near our hut) Convent

old trees. stream of water spring flowers. pebble-walk

in one corner a lovely    made of stones brought

by believers used as    lights - meric stones. a lovely

spot. part chapelused as nurses sleeping quarters

a lovely rest room - so much needed. looked like fairy.

Met             French lesson. home.