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March 5 - 19 . 6-7


Rain- canteen. brought 1000 postals went like wild-fire

Watson - P[?] came. long walk. nothing unusual.


Beautiful day.        bought lobsters. Watson brought

coats & souvenirs. 135 Inf. & 145    of Ohio are at Pontanay

had moved w/37 Div. at our canteen 1 oclock. Gen. S    bard. several

majors.      there. Met Lt. Van A    lives 821 Euclid

March 9 Sunday

Hike planned. rain interfered. at canteen. service3

movies. lads leaving next day in hilarious

spirits. crowded canteen. sang. eat candy etc.

Fine lads I shall miss them.

March 10

Boys left. Met Atkinson & L[?] Cleve. lads

wearing D. S. M. medals. took them to dinner

ham & eggs which they enjoyed. no dance.

March 11

Saw Ohio boys marching to ships waved "Bon Voyage"