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March 16 Sunday

Brest. [Kuhuon. Plougastel ?]

Glorious day. Marie & I started for outing. took train

to Kerhuon. in coach with 8 of our boys. had a good visit.

Rode 1/2 hour. had a beautiful walk of 20 min. along

shore to Ferry. crossed bay to old village, walked

up hill about 4 miles. passing quaint people &

houses. Plougastel. peasants extremely primitive

Landed at old church just as services were out.

A most interesting sight men in purple coats &

fancy vest. black velvet hats with streamers. women

in black full skirts. velvet bodices. white caps. children

dressed in gay colors. snapped several pictures

Met Ge. Kennedy. Col. Kingsborough. Capt Rumsey &

French gen, we are to exchange snaps. Had lunch

typical old restaurant with several of our sailors soldiers

& two French youths (interpreters). Saw a child's

funeral. [?] many children in costume. their

old man carrying cruxifix [crucifix]. their casket covered by

white spread. carried by six women. priests in