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5 April

Brest [Brignoyan Landernau?]

No one coming for us. decided to take

truck in at 630 A. M. rising at 530 oclock

sun rising at 7. cold frosty morning

splendid ride. Miss Whitney. Hunter. [?]

lad "Y' man. Flat tire at Landerman

waited long time to get fixed. tried

to get ride in finally took train arriving

at 1030 went to Canteen. lunch. Miss H.

went away. I at canteen. Met Lt.   [?]

Niemann. nice chap. hair wash.

Bed early.

April 6. Sunday

Rain. all day at canteen. usual

day. Pershing's Band arrived. made up

of men from all over France.

April 7-8

Naval day. good show. Heard from

Burwell. went to P. to see him & missed him-