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April 19

Brest. Quimper-Bordeau

Bayonne - Biarritz

All in same compartment. stopped

at Quimper. day before Easter.

factory closed. peasants in  [?] attire

bringing in cattle for exchange.

very picturesque. Took another

train arriving at        then Saints

then about 10 at Bordeaux. where

we were not allowed out of station &

locked in hotel. on account of [?]

meetings & riot. A great disappoint-

ment. saw Cathedral in distance

Easter Sunday April 20 - 19

Left B. at 2 P. M. arrivng at Bayonne

a very lovely town. spent night. next

morning went to Biarritz a leave area

& wonderful beach - rocks etc. April 21

spent most of day there. Stayed all

night at Pau