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May 30 Decoration Day

Brest - Lambezellec


Lovely morning. took truck & flowers at

830 to Lambezellec to decorate soldiers

graves 1600 there. Each grave had a flag

or flowers with white cross. The welfare

women did the decorating. 6th Divn

military band - raising of flag - speeches

prayers - jew gentile.Catholic - prot &

negro taking part. Most impressive

& thrilling. this program was repeated

in other cemeteries. Lovely location.

Lunch - hut. The French friends & Col. May

visited hut - had delightful afternoon. Busy.

Services & movies in evening. Ride with Dixon & T.

Wonderful day always to be remembered.

Naval Decoration

May 31.

Lovely day - Pauline left with Mabelle &

Miss [M?] had their leave. busy at camp

With French at Mlle Cheves. splendid time