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July 1, 1919

Brest - Paris

Usual days - weather beautiful. Brest

overcrowded with welfare workers waiting

to go home 2-3-4th

Rained hard all day. boys conferred to

camp on account of riot of night before.

Busy day. very weary. beautiful sun

set. My mother's birthday

July 5-6-7-8-9-10

Days busy ones. many people going home.

Brest crowded with welfare workers.

July 11

Marie & I started for Paris - delighted people

in compartment. Col Maj. 2 L. got out

at mid-night for lunch. many sailors &

soldiers on board. every one jolly

July 12

Arrived about 9. went to U. Dpt. got new hat

& dress - went to Marie's friends - got room