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July 27 - 1919
Last day at camp. Was alone all day.
Boys were saying how they would miss
me. Which I appreciate much. I shall
miss them. Train left at 8:50 good
fairly comfortable night.
July 28 - 1919 Paris
Arrived at 9 am. Beautiful day. Returning
uniform etc. met Pauline.Reported
Hqr. started movement papers. Met Mary &
Maude. Went to Hotel St. Louis. So Grand.
Had dinner with girls. retired early.
July 29
Went shopping. bought hat etc. rained.
Went to L sightseeing.
July 30 Lille Bruxelle
Reported. started for Brussels.all day nap.
Stopped at Lille & [?] country.
ruins everywhere. Arr. at Brusselle 10 PM