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July 31 - 1919
Brussells - Waterloo
Good night's rest -- got a guide & voiture [car]
& took in the city. lunch at officers club
Then went to Waterloo - most interest
ing place. Maude Tryon & Pauline met
several soldiers. Glorious day in
every. Have to report Tuesday morning.
Aug. 1 - 1919 [Strausberg?]
Arrived at 7 am went to Petrograd.
washed. Appreared at Hqrs at liberty until
Monday. went to station found train
left in few minutes for Strausburg
started without baggage. Arr. 1050 went
to Metropole. good night's sleep. took guide
(hotel keepers daughter) saw interesting city
Rhine. old dock etc. good lunch in Kammer
all Inn Shopped train at 410
for Paris hard night train crowded
Arr 530 A. M. washed & to bed.