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Tuesday, Jan. 1, 1918
This little volume is to deal mostly
with the sayings and doings of Mary.
This afternoon she was well bundled up
in her little pink sweater, white coat
pussy hood with the new colored ribbons
and white fur. We drove -- Harry, Mary &
I with Mr. & Mrs. Fox to Oswego. It was
a very enjoyable ride -- got back 
just at sunset and it was a gorgeous 
one. Mary was ready for "ma pillow"
as she says and retired without
any trouble. Harry spent most of

his evening planning about the water

company. No water for the engine. 

The goverment has taken over th e

roads now. Mother poured tea at the 

reception at George's this afternoon. 

Wednesday, Jan. 2, 1918

Harry was out of town. Mother, Mary

& I traveled down town. Mother stayed

at the Red Cross rooms all day. I 

have written all my Xmas letters to 

Ella, Alberta, John A. , Mrs. Hoke, Mrs

Hohnson, Keene & Florence S.

Mother gave me today a beautiful

white enamel kitchen table for

our anniversary present and Harry

a hammered brass cigar jar. Harry

returned tonight. Brought me four

pounds of butter.