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Mary has added "match," "bottle," "basket,"

"get it," "drop it," "boat," "marker," "chicken"

and "all gone" to her vocabulary. This 

afternoon mother & I had Katie Maurice ?,

?, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Flynn & Paula

over. We made twenty five wash rags

for the Red Cross. Served a little

lunch. John & Geo. came and ate 

supper with Harry. The three boys 

had a good time together. They all

spent the evening with us. We knitted

while young Geo. & Lewis kept up

a continual rough house. Harry went

to K. C. tonight. 

Friday, Jan. 4, 1918

It has been a glorious day. Mother 

& I finished cleaning up the house. 

I put Mary in her buggy this afternoon

and kept her out until 5 o'clock.  Jessie

& ? brought their work over this

eve. We worked awhile -- then had a

game of bridge. Had a message from

Harry that he wouldn't be back tonight.

While putting Mary to bed tonight

other words she has learned occurred

to me, "stocking, shirt, powder,

tickle, wash and dress." She takes

my hand and says "?" -- wants me 

to get her ? The development 

of words is very interesting to note.