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Monday, Jan. 7, 1918

I was at the bank this morning

straightening up my affairs -- certainly

is a problem to keep everything up to

the minute. Mrs. Waters was here for

dinner. I took mary to the barber

this afternoon and had her hair bobbed.

She looks like a boy now. I hated

to have her curls cut off but that

is best for her hair. She does more

cute things. Tonight I taught 

her to salute the flag. She 

is very patriotic for 16 months.

Wants to "knit" and say the word

when ever she sees anyone knitting.

Tuesday Jan. 8, 1918

      nearly all day. Mother went

? all day Red Cross session at Humphreys.

Geo. Jr. came over for dinner. Katie

stopped late this afternoon and ?

Mary for a sled ride with Lewis.

[Letter or latter] from Alberta.