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It was such a gloomy day that we

invited ? and Jessie to bring their

work and come over for the day. We

all knitted industriously until late

afternoon. This is the first time I've

enjoyed it. It is coming so much

easier now. We had soup and 

gingerbread for dinner. A war dinner.

About 5o'clock I walked down town

to get some meat for supper. Stopped 

at the office and brought Harry home. 

He had to work tonight. I wrote a note

of thanks to Wayne Townsley ? for Lucy's picture,

wrote Grace Berry & Prof. Preyer ? inviting

them to stay with us when they come

to Parsons. Answered Charlie's letter.

Thursday, Jan.10, 1918

Mother & I knit nearly all day.

She made me a beautiful rose

colored cap with white angora band

like my sweater. It has snowed

all day -- a fine glistening snow.

Harry & I were invited to Kate's to

a bridge club tonight. So we

went thro' a blinding snow. It

was nearly knee deep too. We

all had a good time. Nearly 

all the club was there.