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I had an exciting experience this morning.

Mother had gone up street. Mary & I

were sitting in the bathroom because

it was warm there. I went down stairs

to be my knitting. When I got back

found Mary had turned the key and

locked the door. I was worried on

account of the open fire. I phoned

for Harry but he was not at the round house.

Then I phoned for George. both boys.

Harry & Geo. met & arrived together. They

borrowed Ryan's   ladder, scaled  the icy

roof & came thro' the bath room 

window & rescued my baby. Mary had 

intelligence enough to push the key

under the door to me but the door refused 

to unlock from the outside. We called

on the Goodsill's ? this afternoon. 

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1918

Mary just        salutes every

flag she sees. It is so sweet to see

her. She even discovered the flag emblem 

on some candles I have on the top

shelf of the mantle & salutes them. 

She puts her arms around my neck &

hugs me tight. I whisper in her

ear "I love you" then she whispers in my ear. 

Marnie & I were down town together

awhile this afternoon -- window shopping mostly.

Had a good time playing with Mary

this eve. After I put her to bed I picked

out half a quart jar of pecans.