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Thursday, Jan. 17, 1918

Cleaned house all morning. Read 

awhile this afternoon & knitted.

Harry was gone all day. 

Friday, Jan. 18, 1918

Home all day. After the house hold 

work was done. I ironed. Played with 

Mary the greater part of the afternoon

& kept her up until 11 P. M. She has

a bad cold& has to be amused. John

& Marnie spent the evening with us. 

Harry is in Erie all day & night.

Mary tries her best to sing. Her

voice is quite musical. At night

she sings "bye-O-Bye" & tries to 

say "Birdie, birdie, where's your nest."

John got his draft papers -- he comes 

in Class IV. 

Have 39 inches knitted on my