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Marnie had planned for several weeks

to celebrate our weding anniversary

by having all the family down to 

spend the day. When I arrived 

there with Mary. Terry throt (thought?) per-

haps Geo. Jr. had the whooping cough

so I packed up my belonging & left. 

I phoned Harry to meet me down

there. We dined at the Mathhewson

Hotel. Then I came home, scrubbed

the kitchen & bath room. The

water has been turned off since Sunday

so I enjoyed the work. In the 

meantime time the rest of the 

family celebrated our anniversary

at Marnie & Johns. 

Thursday, Jan. 24, 1918

Harry & I went to our bridge club

this a.m. Mr. W. W. Brown entertained. 

We had lots of fun. It was a glorious

moonlight night. I wrote Evelyn

& Peter.

Dear little Mary sits and sings

"bye-oh-baby" and sings other 

little tunes too. she tryks to say

Mary-Moses" and does very well

at it. 1. A. M.