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I entertained the M. E. young 

ladies auxiliary this afternoon. 

19 here. They made bed sox for

the Red Cross. Served ice cream, 

cakes & tea. Mary wasn't well

so it kept me running. Was

glad when the affair was over. 

Babies & parties don't go well

together. Letter from Mrs. Johntz. 

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1918

Was up most of the night with Mary.

I didn't get up this a. m. until

eleven. Harry went out of town &

Mother was at the Red Cross

rooms all day. I did just what

Mary wanted me to all dteray. 

While she napped this afternoon

I made 12 buttonholes in her little

aprons. Received a lovely letter

from Rev. Chichester. Did my

allotted amount of kitting tonight.