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Friday, Feb. 8, 1918

Mrs. Butler came back thro' Parsons

this a. m. Called up and said she

would be down for dinner. Mr. Butler

came too. Marnie was here. We

ladies had a good time. Mrs. Butler

wanted to see my cedar chest. So I

showed her most of the contents. 

Mother, Marnie & Mrs. B. went to 

a Red Cross tea. I did up the 

dishes after they left and played

with Mary. Letters from Grace B. & Mrs. Prague.

Mrs. Broadman entertained the Butlers.

Prof. Prager, Hinckle, Katie, Geo & I at 6 o'clock

dinner. We went to the concert afterward. 

Prof Prager & Miss Greisinger's concert

by [Ch...?] was wonderful. 

Saturday, Feb. 9, 1918

Prof. Prager came down about 8:30 this

morning to call. We enjoyed him so 

much. He surely is one man in a 

thousand. I spent a sleepless night

last night and have put in a 

busy day with Mary. She is sick

at her stomach so much that

she needs many fresh dresses. 

i only hope she will get along

alright. It is very provoking that

she had to have the whooping cough. 

Marnie & Katie were here this

afternoon. Harry has been in K. C.

two days and has not yet returned.