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Sunday, Feb. 10, 1918

Before we had breakfast Harry was

called out on a wreck. 17 cars in the

ditch. He hasn't returned yet. He

really never has any time at home.

I had Dr. [?dine] over to see

Mary this a. m. Mother & I

took her out for a walk this

afternoon. It is nice and warm

again. John & Marnie were

here for supper.

Monday, Feb. 11, 1918

It was rather an undecided day. rain

& sunshine. Mary is feeling very

badly with the whooping cough

and whoops a geat deal. I took her

out while this afternoon. We took

some soup to Tanta. Mother

brought Mary a kiddie kar when she

came from [town?]. I was all evening

getting the baby to sleep from 7:30 until

10 P. M. I don't mind if she only gets

along all right.