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Tuesday, Feb. 12, 1918

Father would have been 62 years old if he had

lived until today. How I wish it

might have been. While Mary napped

awhile this morning I wrote to [Bennie?]

Mrs. Johntz & Keene. Marnie invited 

us down there to spend the day. 

We had a good time. Mary enjoyed

the change I think. It was

such a lovely warm day that we

all walked up town during the

afternoon. Received Clara Bingham's 

wedding announcement. Hardly

slept a wink last night. 

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 1918

Postal from Florence [Evert?] & Alberta.

Was up & down all night again. 

Mary coughs so much and throws

up so many times during the night.

It keeps me busy every minute

looking after her. Brought a 

new wool coat for next winter 

because it was a bargain. They 

say there will be no all woolen 

coats next year. 

Mary can make her "kiddie kar"

go by herself today.