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Wednesday, Feb. 20, 1918

I have put in a very strenuous

day. Mary wears me to a frazzle.

asks for everything she knows and 

some things she don't. One can't

keep this gait up for many 

more weeks and feel sane. I said

today I believed I'd work on the 

subway because the workers get 

off at 6 o'clock. Had Dr. M. to see

her again tonight. Card from Lena Mc.

Thursday, Feb. 21, 1918

Another exacting day. Mary has

not slept a wink all day and I've

been until ten tonight trying to

put her to sleep. This noon I let

Mary talk over the phone to Marnie.

She said "hello-Marnie- come up."

Marnie came and is here yet. John

came for supper too. Mary has

said several new words today. "nice,

good, peaches, biscuit, & heart."