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Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1918

Geo. & family were here for dinner &

supper. Things taste better when

there is a crowd around eating

together. Had to go to the bank

this afternoon. Have my full

quota of Baby Bonds in my

name & Mary's too. Mary

learns several new words every

day now. 

Wednesday, Feb. 27, 1918

Too cold to take Mary out today.

Crocheted an edge around a birthday

whte stain petticoat for Marnie -- 

Mother made her. Crocheted an edge

around neck & sleeves of a nightgown.

Harry kept Mary tonight. Mother 

& I went to see "The Antics of Ann" -- 

a very entertaining picture. I felt

mean leaving the Baby tho' -- she 

was calling "Mama, Mama."