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Wednesday, March 6, 1918

I knit quite a few inches on my

sweater today. Geo. Jr. was over for

the day. Went down town after dinner

and paid my bills. Bought a $500

second Liberty Loan bond. Tonight

I went to our dinner bridge club

at James Reid's tonight. Helene was

the other hostess. Harry was called

out on a wreck. So I went with 

Mr. W. W. Brown. Harry came late. 

Thursday, March 7, 1918

Harry wentr to K. C. this a. m. to be

gone two days. Mother, Mary & I

spent the day at Tanta's. she

got up for the first time in five

weeks. They wanted us to stay

for supper. Marnie invited us too. 

I knit all evening. Am going 

down the back of my sweater