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Tuesday, March 12, 1918

Harry didn't get back until this

eve. Then only stayed long enogh

to eat his supper and [?]  off to

K. C. It was very warm today. I

put Mary in her buggy early this

morning and took her out in her

buggy. We met mother & dined

at Dudleys. Mother gave 

a beautiful pink sweater today. We

walked over there with it. 

Wednesday, March 13, 1918

A very windy hot day. We didn't

venture out, except in the yard. 

Took Mary's high chair out in 

the back yard & let her play

there. Knitted all my spare 

moments. Did the mending 

and darning. Mrs. Flynn called. 

Harry didn't return from K. C. 

Next time I'm going to marry a 

man who stays in town. I

get tired of having him away

all the time.