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Monday, April 1, 1918

This has been a delightful day. Took

Mary over to see Grace Berry at Grandmama

Talbot's this evening. Grace came

over & had dinner with us & spent

most of the afternoon. Later on Katie,

Mary & I took a walk. Mary loves to

be out. Marnie & John took Mother & I

to the cemetery this eve. Harry & I

attended the last meeting of the

Latin club & had a dandy time. 

Tuesday, April 2, 1918

Mrs. McKim invited ten of us to spend

the day with her in honor of Grace.

We had a nice time. Most all 

of us were busy knitting. Took Mary

with us. She is feeling so much

better and surely enjoys being out of 

doors & walking. Had a letter from

Keene with $5 to buy a pearl for

Mary's necklace. Harry has been 

gone all day & tonight.