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Tuesday, April 9, 1918

John is sick in bed. So mother went

there to stay all day. Harry left 

on a motor car trip for a day or two.

Took Mary down town this a. m.Had

to go to the bank. Have set a goal

for myself to sell $10,000 worth of 3rd

Liberty Bonds. Have sold over $5000 so

far. Had a Canteen meeting at [?]

house this afternoon to discuss ways of

raising money. They left immediately

for the ball game & sold $26 worth 

of [toys or tags]. A troop train from Kelly Field

came thru at 7:00. The Canteen met it

gave the boys postals, magazines & flowers

which they surely appreciated. Had a 

lovely letter from Ella. She announces the 

stork for [?] 

Wednesday, April 10, 1918

Bro. George has had us all very much

worried by having a high fever

all day but is feeling better tonight.

Mother was there all day. I 

went to a Liberty Loan meeting at

the Meth. Church this afternoon. 

Every time any one spoke

Mary clapped her hands and said "[?]

Was over tro see Geo. twice. John 

has been sick in bed too but is 

better. Tonight wrote Brownie, 

Ella & Keene. Harry won't be back

tonight. Has already been gone

six nights this month.