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Thusday, April 11, 1918

Tonight Bro. Geo. Katie, Geo., Jr. MOther 

and Mary are all quite ill with 

the grippe. All have high fevers. I

am very worried about my little Mary. 

She feels so hot. She lifts her little 

hand to my face and says "Mama

[nicey?] and loves me so gently. 

John isn't really able to be out but 

he & Marnie made the rounds to see

the sick ones this eve. While

sitting by Mary's bed this afternoon

I wrote Edith S., Ida Margaret, Alberta

& Hazel Pfeiffer. Harry returned tonight. 

brouight some late music, candy and 

a lovely roast. 

Friday, April 12, 1918

Mary was very sick all day with high

fever. Of course I spent every minute

with her. Dr. Smith came to see her. 

Bro. Geo. is seriously ill with fever

abouit 104 1/2. Have been trying every

place to get a trained nurse for

him. Dr. Smith is afraid of pneumonia.

Our family seems to be in a 

general mix up.