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Saturday, April 13, 1918

Mary felt quite a bit better today

but brother George is in a 

serious condition. I always feel

as if he is our main stay and 

such a good boy. Was over to see

him a little while at noon. 

Marnie was up this afternoon.

We knitted until nearly six. 

Sunday, April 14, 1918

Mother took sick with the malady

today. Fever 105°. Called in Dr. Smith.

I decided we had better hire him by

the month. I rather had my hands

full, giving our various kinds 

of medicine to Mother & Mary. She 

didn't feel so good today. Was

over to all, George twice. he is 

slightly improved for which I am 

very thanking. Hope motehr will

not have such a siege. In my

open moments today, I have been 

selling liberty bonds over the phone. 

Have of course had lots of phone calls

& callers to see how the folks are. 

John & Marnie were here for supper.