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Wednesday, April 17, 1918

We are having the dining room & two

parlor ceilings painted. We removed

the furniture from one room to another. 

Everything is topsy-turvy. The

house & life as well. Having several

sick ones in the family is 

disturbing too. Have knitted, read

& amused Mary. Took her out 

this afternoon. Bought Lewis a 

soldier suit. Geo. Jr. was here 

for supper & is staying all night. 

Harry did not get back. Bro. Geo. 

is better today. Sent the Goodwins

a dish of home made candy. 

Thursday, April 18, 1918

My bond sales have reached $7450.

Rainy all day. Mother didn't feel

so well again today. I knitted

about ten inches. Washed all

blue dishes in the china closet this

afternoon. Took several hours. 

Harry was gone all day - returned