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Sunday, April 21, 1918

Warmer today and at last sunshine. 

We have kept up the goose grease

rubbing all day and again tonight. 

I am awake every hour last night

and gave Mary her medicine. I

think she is better today. She had

the first good nap this afternoon -- 

she has had in a long time.

Had lots of callers this afternoon.

Mother still feels [?] John &

Marnie were up this eve. 

Monday, April 22, 1918

Mother's room was papered today. 

I moved our belongings in the 

sewing room. Harry & I slept on

the davenport. It has been a lovely

day. Took Mary out awhile. She

enjoyed geting out again. Walked

about two blocks. Harry & I celebrated

tonight. Attended the first picdture 

show, "Blue Jeans." Ate popcorn

and had a good time. 

Knitted 15 inches on my soldier

scarf today.