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Tuesday, April 23, 1918

My room was papered today. Am back

at it again tonight. Have worked

hard all day. Washed two blankets,

a big comfort, two rugs, all Mary's 

bed clothes, cleaned the pantry

cup board etc. etc. Didn't waste

any time. Had a nice letter

from Ella. Geo. & Kate were over 

awhile this afternoon. Seemed

queer for Geo. to be over on a 

week afternoon. Finished up the 

day by knitting a few inches. 

Wednesday, April 24, 1918

The paper hanger finished his work

at noon. We have had 4 rooms papered,

e new ceilings made. the kitchen

pantry & big closet painted. Now

we can go at the furnishing of 

our house cleaning. Mother kept 

Mary this afternoon. I went to 

a big new bridge out to Miss Perry's.

Mrs. W. [Strasburger?] took me out in 

her car.