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Thursday,  April 25, 1918

Sold another bond tonight -- making

$7750. Cleaned three big pieces of 

silver this A. M. Finished my

scarf this afternoon and have another

one started this evening. Took

Mary over to Katie's awhile this

afternoon. Knitted on a helmet while


Friday, April 26, 1918

This afternoon we had our 3rd Liberty

Loan Parade. It was a town affair. 

Every one turned out. The parade was

two miles long. Such an array of 

flags. It was enough to arouse

the enthusiasm of an alien. I'm 

glad I'm an American. Had a letter

from France from Charlie. Miss

Perry phoned about 5 and invited

Harry & I to a dinner-bridge as

substitutes. We went out at 7:30

John took us out in his car. The

[Nusbaum's boat? ]  is back. Had an 

unusally good time. Didn't get

home until 12:30.