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Saturday, April 27, 1918

Has rained all day adn still at

it. We are all done our house-

cleaning now -- except hanging

the curtains. Baked  a cake

after dinner. Marnie was up

& spent the afternoon. Have read

and knitted this evening. 

Knitted 14 inches on a scarf. 

Sunday, April 28, 1918

Bright sunshine greeted us this

morning. It seemed as good

after all the rain. Harry & I

walked out to [?] this afternoon

with Mary. [?] mother & father

were visiting them. We were all

greatly amused watching the 

antics of Mary & Luther. Mary

has felt so good today -- has run 

around & had a good timer. Feeling

good makes her a different child

entirely. Surely is a bunch of sweet-ness.