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Wednesday, May 1, 1918

Had to go to the bank this morning. 

So took Mary with me. Mother was

at the M. E. church helping them

get ready for their supper this eve.

We ate out dinner at the cafeteria. 

Attended the knitting meeting of 

the Alpha at Mrs. Poole's. They 

went on to the church supper. Saw

"[Tom Savage?] tonight at the Best until

Marnie. Harry came back tonight --- brot

me a box of Martha Washington candy. 

Thursday, May 2, 1918

Cleaned upstairs this a. m. Took a

nap after dinner. Knitted 10 inches

on my scarf. Played out in the

yard & walked around with Mary

until about 8. This is the nicest

day in have had. Warm enough

for her to play out. Geo. Jr. now

here for dinner.