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Friday, May 3, 1918

We nearly finished house cleaning this

morn. The house surely looks nice --

frest curtains hung in every room. 

It has been a glorious day. Mary

& I attended the wo o'clock

picture show -- stayed out doors

until 6 o'clock. After supper we

were out again. Mary walked to

the library & back. Hid behind

every tree. She thoroughly enjoys

life when she feels well. 

Saturday, May 4, 1918

I put Mary in her buggy this

a. m. We went up down and bought

things for Sunday. Emma Flynn

was over for dinner. I baked a

short cake. Alberta Talbot called

just at noon. Read all afternoon --

am taking a few days rest

from knitting. Mary played

out in the yard all evening and 

had such a good time.