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Tuesday, May 7, 1918

It has been teriffically but all day

and so far tonight. Mary has

been out of doors nearly all day. 

She had such a good time  play-

ing around this evening. Geo., 

Katiie & children were over

awhile. We were down to John's

a few minutes. 

Wednesday, May 8, 1918

Another washing day. Seemed

like picnic weather. So I asked

Mrs. Gooden, Freda, Bess & Dixie

Carrington, Geo & family over for

supper in the yeard. Mary surely 

enjoyed herself, as did Dixie and 

the boys. Baked cake, made

salad, deviled eggs, potato chips, 

ordered strawberry ice-cream.

Mother made brown bread. We

had a pleasant time. John & Marnie

couldn't come because John is

sick again.