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Thursday, May 9, 1918

Mother & I cleaned upstairs this

morning. Mary took a big nap

this afternoon. Then we went

down town & bought a little

champagne colored pair of shoes.

Mary of course to me looks so

sweet & pretty all dressed up in her

dainty white dresses. She says

"[ove 'oo-murver...?] love you mother] I'd do anything

for her. Marnie & I saw a dear

child picture at the Best tonight.

Friday, May 10, 1918]

Attended an interesting canteen

meeting tonight. We discussed

ways & means. Have all sorts of 

plans. Mary slept the night

thro' last night. Got up at 7:00.

Slept again from 10:0-12. Bess

Carrington took us to the picture

show this afternoon. Mary stayed

out until 6 o'clock. She walked 

down to John's from home. He is 

still in bed. Wrote [Levi Mc.?]

Harry got back from a two days

trip. Brought me a 1/2 pd. box

of Martha Washington candy.