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Sunday, May 19, 1918

We all ate our dinner down town

today. The varous Maser families, 

Harry, Mary & I walked out to 

[Nettie or Hettie's?] to see Mrs. Karr.

Mary went to sleep sitting up

in her buggy on the way back. 

Read all the papers. Mary was out

in front riding her kiddie-kar

this eve -- she is so small -- that

she attracted much attention. Harry

& I heard Capt. [Black?] a Frenchman

lecture tonight. 

Monday, May 20, 1918

Harry has been away all day -- came

rushing home at 8:30 P. M. and left

for K. C. half an hour later. I walked

about 30 blocks this a. m. besides

doing quite a washing for Mary. 

Knitted most all afternoon. 

Today is the big Red Cross 

drive. We are to raise $15,000.

Hope we will get much more.