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Monday, May 27, 1918

Spent a great part of the day att

the telephone arranging a program

for our "war musical. Sewed

some this afternoon. There always

seem to be an endless amount of

things to mend. Mother gave me

today a beautiful white pussy

willow taffeta skirt & lovely waist.

Mother, Mary & I atended a Cabaret

party for Red Cross at [Arbegot's ?] this

eve. -- given by the Round Table.

Tuesday, May 28, 1918]

Have knitted a great deal today.

Mrs.      was up after dinner

for Mother to teach her to knit a 

sock. We knitted from 1 until

5. Mary & I took a walk this

eve. Walked to the picture show

with Mother, then over to see

Tanta. Came home opened up 

the piano and played for an

hour. I must practice again.