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Monday, June 10, 1918

The hottest day we have had & I 

started in by cutting the grass

in the back yard. Washed some 

of Mary's things. Then darned.

The Canteen had a 11:30 o'clock

call. 700 soldiers. We had

two other other trains this afternoon

500 men each. We were very busy.

The men enjoyed the flowers

as much as anything -- begged

for them. John & Marnie took

Mother, Mary & I to the cemetery

this eve. 

Tuesday, June 11, 1918

105° today and we all noticed it.

Had Red Cross in our garage

this morning -- some of the 

neighbors came over. We snipped

scraps of material to make

pillows. It is no fun -- cutting

for an hour or so. Started to knit

another sweater this afternoon.

Katie took Mother, Mary & 

I for a nice ride this evening.

Mother bought ice-cream and

brot it home -- so we all felt

cooled off.