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Wednesday, June 12, 1918

Mary & I were down town this A. M.

to buy a linen piece for Ruth.

We attended a bridge - linen

shower for her at Mrs. De [?]

this afternoon and had a nice time. The folks thought Mary

looked like a little fairy. 

with her pink parasol & big bunch

of sweet peas. Thelma came up

this eve & we made arrangements

for our dinner for Ruth tomorrow. 

Thursday, June 13, 1918

Tanta & Tessie spent the day with

us. I knitted nearly all day on

a sweater & accomplished a great deal. 


Mrs. Harry Johntz and Miss

Thelma Wharton will enterain at

dinner this evening at six-thirty

o'clock at the Mtthewson 

complimentary to Miss Ruth Ewing

who will be married to Mr. Arthur

Weir of Dallas, Tex. on Saturday. 

Miss Weing, Mrs. Johntz and Miss

Wharton are members of the same

sorority, the Kansas University 

chapter of the Chi Omega sorority.