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Monday, June 24, 1918

Got up at 6 a. m. Beat all the

upstairs rugs and did numerous

other tasks. Rushed down to the

Canteen at 7 a. m. It was

very interesting. So many new

recruits going thro'. Mr. Humphrey

gave me two whole bunches

of bananas for our trains the

a. m. Came home and thoroughly

cleaned oysters. Did some 

washing  after dinner. Then read

The wind this afternoon was 

like from a furnace. Attended

a call Canteen meeting tonight. 

Tuesday, June 25, 1918

Went to Miss Dorsey's this a. m. 

Was there an hour and a half. 

May sat in my lap the wholle

time and was very good. Did

a big darning this afternoon 

and knitted. Katie took us

out riding this evening.