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Monday, July 8, 1918

Have knitted nearly 1/4 of a 

sweater today. Marnie was here

nearly all afternoon. I served

at the Canteen tonight from 

7 until 9. We served 10,000

soldiers last month. There

will be 1600 tomorrow. It 

is a real work and very much

worth while I think. 

Tuesday, July 9, 1918

Mary & I were down town this A. M. 

Stopped at the Red Cross rooms

to see the children's knitting

class. Mother is one of the 

instructors. I knitted all afternoon.

Tonight went to see Mary Pickford 

in "Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley."

Mother & Mary came to meet me.                              ".

Mary ran up the street laughing.

She was so tickled to see me. 

I always hate to leave her

even for a little while.