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Friday, July 26, 1918

Washed and ironed quite a few

things this morning. Read

all afternoon. Had a troop train

at 6:00 -- ten coaches of men. 

They couldn't get off, so we

served them iced-tea, postal cards,

magazines & fruits on the 

train. We attended a Canteen meeting

at the library at 8 & received the

oath of office. It was an exciting 

meeting. Mrs. Owens resigned. Went

back to the station. Had another troop


Saturday, July 27, 1918

Wrote Keene, Hazel Pfeiffer, Lena, Brownie,

Ruth Ewing,               Marnie White. Very

hot today. Mother, Mary & I

went to the Best tonight.  

Our canteen has been divided into

7 sections now and I am captain

for Fridays. 


Friday: Mrs. Johntz, captain: Mrs. 

Goodin, Mrs. Charlie Lewis, Mrs. Ida

Stephenson, Mrs. John Maser, Mrs. 

Mabel Steele King, Mrs. T. M. Flynn, 

Miss Mabel Modlin, Mrs. Horton,

Miss Leota Scott, Miss Mary Scott, 

Miss Rude.