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Sunday, July 28, 1918

Harry started off early this a. m. on a

fishing trip. I read the papers & was

enoying myself when a phone call

came for me to take charge of the

canteen because there were 3 troop trains

to come. I phoned my girls. We

prepared 80 gallons of iced tea. The

trains kept being marked up late. 

We heard there was a wreck at 

we piled iin 3 autos. Took all the 

cookies, gum & tobacco in the canteen 

& went to the wreck. We gave out all

we had.  Drove like mad back to 

the Hut. Three troop trains 1800 men

arrived at once. We worked like

troopers. It was a wonderful sight.

I was at the Canteen from 2 P. M. until 9:30. 

Monday, July 29, 1918

Harry didn't get home until 2:30 A. M.

I waited for him so long that I

was my tiredl this morning after

very stenuous work of yesterday. 

Darned & mended. Had a fish

dinner. Harry made quite a 

good catch. Geo. Jr. was here for

dinner. We all took a big nap

this afternoon. Called on Grace 

Blackman & Stella tonight.