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Friday, Aug. 9, 1918


Mrs. Harry Johntz, captain of 

the Friday squad and assistants

was busy today and many soldiers

and sailors went away feeling com-

forted by the attention given them

by the Red Cross ladies. One boy

who came in on the Limited said

he had nothing to eat since

noon yesterday. They entrained

late and did not stop anywhere

and his first chance was at the 

Canteen here. Over seventy were 

served this morning. Tonight the

boys will be served with home-made 

pies -- Mrs. Johntz having 

asked a number of friends to make

them for the Canteen. 

[Written in margin] Had 75 

men this

a. m.


we had 





the pie,

coffee & 

iced tea.

This Canteen work is very exciting. 

Saturday, Aug. 10, 1918

Card from Mary Mc. Harry was away

all day yesterday. Just got home in

the evening. Had to go out on the

wrecker. They were after him again

in the night for another wreck. He

didn't get home last night at all. 

Didn't see anything of him until

about midnight tonight. Katie & 

Geo. took Mother Mary & I for a

ride. Mother brought two qts. of

ice cream. We came home and 

ate it. Wrote Miss Perry, Charlie, 

and Ida A.