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Sunday, Aug. 11, 1918

Another extremely hot day. Harry

didn't get up until 12:15. Then Mary

& I had to drag him out. He was 

called to another wreck in the middle 

of the afternoon (24 cars off). Don't

suppose he will be back tonight. 

Read "Miss [Mischievous?]" this after-

noon beteen getting drinks of milk,

water & various other things for

Mary. She doesn't feel well and

does not know what she wants. 

It is so hot for the little thing.

Tanta & Tesie were over this eve.

Tessie is 27 years old today. 

Monday, Aug. 12, 1918

Mother, Mary & I went uptown

shopping this morning -- had

Mary's hair cut. Bought myself a

crepe de chine waist and a bathing

suit. Harry was out of town so

we went arount to the Matthew-

son & had dinner. Came home

washed & ironed Mary's white wool

coat & some other things for out