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Tuesday, Aug. 13, 1918

Mother baked & iced Mary a

lovely box of cookies to take with

her for her birthday. This afternoon

I went to a call meeting of the 

Canteen at the library. Was

there from 3 until 5:30. A state

worker from St. Louis conducted

the meeting. Made everything

very clear about the Canteen. It

is a very responsible work. I've 

appointed Marnie 1st Lieut. and

Mabel Steele King 2nd Lieut. for

Fridays. Card from Bess C. & Mrs. J. 

Wednesday, Aug. 14, 1918

Harry went to K. C. today and didn't

get back tonight. I don't know

how I could live without Mother. 

We are so much together. I embroidered

a white  [piquet?] hat for Mary this

morning. Mother & I served up-

stairs nearly all afternoon -- mending

old things -- shortening & lengthening

skirts. The three of us went

to the Best tonight.

Mother gave me a lovely garnet

pin. A butterfly set with garnets.

She also bought pretty ones for 

Katie & Marnie.